Loema is a leader in the GFRC or GRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) product, it offers an extremely versatile material, which allows ample freedom in the architectural design of various panels of different sizes and shapes, without limits, designed for a coating facade, for new and old buildings.

The GFRC allows you to change skin with multiple fully customizable solutions both in terms of colors and finishes.

Loema points to the sector, makes available the internal structural technical department, manages not only to guarantee the product but also to optimize the panels according to the type of coating.

We also offer a new paint finish to GFRC panels with professional Antigraffite products already tested and verified.

The GFRC is a composite material consisting of selected cement
concrete highly mechanical strength reinforced with alkali-resistant glass fibers.

Versatility in shapes

You can follow faithfully 3D shapes and scabrosity of the mold perfectly smooth or with fantasy textures, this thanks to the production system and the capillary armor with glass fibers.

High resistance to abrasion

The used inert ensures this high resistance.

High shock resistance

The capillary armor spreads the impact making it resistant to shocks.

High fire resistance

There are no materials that can ignite or collapse, a protracted persistence of the flame gives rise to phenomena only of cracks easily recoverable.

High frost resistance

With the maturation phase completed, the GFRC is frost resistant.


From tests carried out in GFRC artefacts the data are positive.